$1 carharts, more wood, and canning fiddleheads

Went garage saling today.  Got a pair of Carharts overhauls that I wore the rest of the day for $1.  The neighbor down the road who I got the 2+ loads last on Friday emailed and said to come for another, which I did at mid-day.  I’ve been wanting to pickle some fiddle heads, so I got out all the fiddle heads and devils club buds to pickle, and a bag of blue huckleberries to make a pie for a brunch tomorrow.  I put the frozen berries in a pot on the woodstove to simmer and the fiddleheads in some water to thaw.  I added flour and sugar to the berries after they simmered, and poured into a shortbread crust, then put it outside in on the grill under the hood to cool.  After reading the recipe for the pickling, I ran to the store to get salt, mustard seed, and dill seed.  I filled the jars with fiddleheads, made the pickling liquid, added the mustard and dill seeds, a clove of garlic and a hot pepper to the fiddleheads, poured in the pickling liquid of vinegar, water, salt and pickling spices, and put on the lids and rings.  I thought the jars might be too full, but put it all in anyway.  About 2/3 of the jars sealed, but a third looked overfull and did not, so I took a little out of each of the jars and put into a fresh jar, and redid those in the boiling bath.