Free Heat

A guy advertises on Craigslist.  Just changed to a heat pump.  I have 200 gallons of heating oil for a good deal, and the tank, too.  So I think- if it’s $2.00/gal, that would be a decent deal.  Turns out the guy just wanted it gone as he’s selling the house.  $20 bucks he said.  So,  I get on the trapline for jerry jugs, and collect 20 with the ones I have.  Sara and I spend 2 hours filling 20 jerry jugs yesterday till dark.  Today I went and got the balance.  200 gallons of oil will last us at least a year with our little house and toyo heater. I got home and Sara and I went to Mudrooms, Juneau’s winter monthly story telling night.  One of the best nights of stories.  The governor – yes, the Alaska governor Bill Walker – told a cool story of growing up in Valdez.  Another friend who was in Sierra Leone in the Peace Corps while I was there, told a story of a mutual friend who we lost to cancer a couple years ago.   The governor commented that this was the first time he was on stage in blue jeans – I love Juneau, he said.  I thought as he strolled in with no entourage – how nice it is to live in a place where the governor doesn’t need security.   I think he’s alot like Jay Hammond in that he can just speak plainly and there’s not a political agenda with every sentence.   He’d never draw the crowds down south that Sarah Palin does.  Thank God.

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