Good weekend

Sunny and mid-60’s today.  Went garage saling with Jeff and Sara.  We needed a weedeater as Sara’s had just died.  The first sale we went to was an all-free sale, pretty much.  I stayed in the Yukon as Sara and Jeff went in.  I thought there wasn’t going to be anything I’d want at a free sale.  When they were still in there 15 minutes later, I thought I’d better see what was there.  I climbed about 50 stairs and then around the house to the garage.  Not a whole lot there.  As we left, I saw 2 weedeaters in the corner.  I pointed them out to Sara.  She asked the seller.  The seller said “take ’em”.  A gas and an electric weedeater.  Both worked when we got home.  We garage saled til about 1030 am.  After testing the weedeaters, Sara wanted to get the recyling out, so I got that together, along with all the scrap metal, and headed out to offload those.  I also stopped at Home Depot to get a primer bulb for the gas weedeater. I then went berry picking.  Got 3 hours of picking in in beautiful weather and not another soul out picking. Wow.  Back to the house, and cleaned the berries and put them in colanders to drain the juice out over night and will vac pack them tomorrow.  This batch makes about 40 lbs of salmon berries in so far for the year. I put a piece of frozen king salmon on the grill, and called Paul to see what  he thinks about the NBA game 7.  Cleveland came back from 3-1 to tie it 3-3 with Golden State.  He’s betting on Golden State.  He also has a “bucket list” trip he’s planning with his daughters to fly into a place they hiked to 40 years ago.  Then he said “if we don’t do it this year, we’ll do it next year.”  On Sunday, we had Samuel for the day.  He helped me put wheels on a table, then we went to cut firewood.  He was chopping wood with an axe, whiffed on the log, and hit his shin.  No cut.  I told him if he ever wanted to touch the axe again, it would be a good idea if he didn’t tell Aunt Sara about it.  Samuel’s pant legs are at the tops of his ankles and hoodie only comes down to his belly button.  The boy is growing.  He mowed through smoked salmon and lunch like a hungry dog.  We were going to turn him loose with the weedeater we got on Saturday, but both decided he’d never stop at the weeds and we’d be out of flowers, bushes, everything. He helped me make a barbecue for his dad for Fathers Day.  We made king salmon and venison and a salad.   

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