Slug Free Wednesday

For some reason, slugs are one of the creatures that makes my stomach turn.  I used to work out in Sand Point- located in the Shumagin Islands – where there’s a monster salmon berry patch behind the boat harbor.  Slugs actually were inside the berry, so everyone you picked, you had to check inside first before putting it in the bucket.  Here, I’ve rarely seen them inside a berry, but they are on the bushes and occasionally fall into my bucket with the berries.  I noticed them more on Douglas than on the Juneau side of the channel, especially the last time I picked at Sandy Beach. Yesterday, I saw rain was coming after several dry days, so went over and picked before the rain.  With the bushes bone dry, I didn’t see one slug.  So that’s what I learned yesterday.  I only picked for a couple hours before I called it quits.  I put the berries in colanders in a bowl overnight to drain off the juice and got 15 cups of berries and 6 cups of juice.  That puts the berry and juice total to about 70 lbs for the year and I might call that good and move on to blueberries.  I picked 4 cups around the back deck two nights ago and they are coming on.  The huckleberries don’t seem to be on at all yet. 

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