Berrys and Salmon

This was a full weekend. I drove whale watch boat as usual on Friday, and was asked to help out on Saturday as well. I also had to schedule a fish delivery that day, so did 2 whale trips till 2 pm then Sara helped me deliver fish in town. I went to the cabin in the evening. I picked a bit on Saturday evening then picked most of the day on Sunday.

The blueberries are still peaking and starting to drop some of their berries, and the blue huckleberries are still coming on. I picked about 15 lbs – 44 cups. I brought home the berries and got 5 of the 8 jars sorted last night before I called it a night as I also did all the billing for the Saturday fish delivery. This morning I started sorting the remaining 3 jars at 430 am and timed it. It takes about 50 minutes to sort the leaves and worms from a gallon of berries. It takes about 2 hours to pick a gallon, so about 3 hours total per gallon. I got them sorted, vac packed and into the freezer. That’s the last weekend of picking for awhile so glad we’ve got a good stash of berries in now. Beautiful weather again – in the 60’s and just a touch of rain. Hopefully the red huckleberries will be plentiful and ready when I get out again in a few weeks.

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