Red Huckleberries coming on

Back from the east coast Thursday and 4 trips on Friday – 9 hours total – of whale watch boat captaining.  Had jet and boat lag on Saturday and slept in.  Then Kurt called and said I was going fishing, so put down my fish business paperwork, grabbed a rod and some gear, and met him and Jeff at the boat launch.  Lots of boats behind Douglas Island, and everyone catching fish.  We got 2 cohos.  I thought I’d go pick berries at the cabin later and Jeff decided he’d go.  His first time on the berry rake as we picked red huckleberries.  They were there but a hair less than prime, which will start in about a week is my guess.  We fished early the next morning in the same area and not even a strike.  I packed fish orders when we got home and made a crisp from the berries to take to coho salmon dinner at Jeff’s. 

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