They pay me for this

Today I ran 4 trips on the whale watch boat.  I had 4 outstanding guides doing science trips where we pull a pot looking for invasive green crabs on the way out to watch whales, and then do a plankton tow as well.  I rarely do this trip and the guides who do these are really good.  All 20 to early 30 somethings who are really good with people.  And, the people who did the trips were keyed up as soon as they got on the boat to do some “science”, as were their kids. We watched a group of 13 whales bubble net all day.  And during each of the 4 trips, at least 1 of the full-grown whales came full-out of the water and breached.  One one trip, 3 breached.  One after the other.  Never seen that before.  What a great day. 

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