Liberia Dec 7, 2016

We wrapped up the marketing workshop in sweltering heat in Gbarnga.  I hope the participants got something out of it.  Each day started with a prayer, and then a church song or two that everyone seems to have sung since they could walk, with everyone clapping.  Then we’d start the day.  They again had fish soup – an African bonytongue from Estelle’s pond in soup with fufu (I had rice instead – but Patrick loves fufu).  The fish was great.   The other was bean sauce with pork, which I also tried.  Of course, it was great.  It’s already hot and the hot pepper in the sauce makes you sweat more but then you’re out in the sun and you dry.   We made our way back to Monrovia.  I noticed one thing – although people have cell phones, they aren’t drones walking around looking at them all the time like we in the US.  You can’t and drive a motorcycle and certainly can’t and drive a car – or even when you are walking most of the time – in the controlled chaos that’s life along the road in West Africa.   Of course, Juneau is getting it’s first cold snap of the season and the oil heater line froze up.  Must be water in the tank that froze the filter.  I wrote a long narrative to several of my friends on how to fix it and they are on it.  We love our woodstove and it’s our back up now till the oil stove is repaired.  It can hold a fire all day and keep the house warm and the wood is good and dry. 

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