Ego adjustment

I forgot to mention a little aside in my last entry about my trip to the cabin on Friday.  I went to launch our new used boat on Friday after over a month of gale winds every weekend keeping us on land.  I backed down the ramp, put the drain plug in, and untied the safety lines holding the back to the trailer.  Then I took off the safety chain.  Then removed the hook holding the boat to the trailer winch.  And then watched my boat glide right off the trailer.  Onto the launch ramp.  The stern was on the ramp and the boat keel on the end of the trailer about midships at a 45 degree angle skyward.  The boat was about 10 yards from the water and tide not yet quite all the way out.  I had a spare tire in the truck, so I put that under the keel about where it met the concrete ramp and slowly pulled the trailer forward to let the boat keel down onto the tire.  Had to wait about 5 hours for the tide to go out and come back in.  Only had one person come that launched after me, and he was able to launch off the beach next to the ramp.  Luckily no damage to the hull.  Only my ego.  I am lucky at being unlucky.  

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