Cabin overnight

Went to the cabin on Fri night. Cabin haulout not working right and I think gummed up with barnacles so have to get there at a minus tide to see. Boat still not accelerating right at times and I’m 99.9% sure now it’s the cable. I tried adjusting it again and putting some Kroil and grease on it but need to just change the cable as it’s not a big chore. Post holed into the cabin and it’s deep and wet snow for a deer. Deer tracks only along the beach and none in the deep snow in the woods. Saw tracks in the snow on Admiralty Beach but no deer on the beach. Hopefully this warm weather will move enough snow that the deer will be okay. I’ve heard these big March snows are hard on them and it looks like there’s a lot of deer reported dead in Kodiak. No hooters hooting yet, either. They are a lot later this year than in previous years it seems.

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