The fun never stops when you are me at 53

Yesterday, I made an appointment for a 5:30pm haircut. When the call came in to go get the road deer, I forgot all about it til it was too late. Today I called at 9:40am and apologized profusely and got another appointment for 10:30am. I almost forgot again but luckily remembered in the nick of time at 10:25 and rode my bike the 3 minutes to the shop.  When I got there I remembered they only take cash. So I headed to the grocery store in the same lot to get money from the machine. I got 50 bucks out, then went inside the store to get some gum, and back to the salon. My haircut took all of about 7 minutes. When I went to pay, I could not find the money anywhere. Not in my wallet or my pants pockets. I retraced my steps across the parking lot to the store and asked the cashier if I’d left $50 bucks there and she said no (I paid for the gum with my credit card).  So, took out another $20, paid the barber, and back to the office. I figured $70 for a haircut was still less than Sara’s doo. I was hating being 53. When I got back to work, I took off my pants thinking I somehow missed the money going into my pocket, hoping it would be in my pant leg. No dice. On a whim, I emailed the store telling them I thought I dropped $50, and described it as two $20s and an $10. Not long later, I got an email from the store manager. Their employee had found it and turned it in. Back to the store and they were glad I was glad. IGA has good people. But I’m still hating 53.

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