Old Trucks

The bearing went on Ted’s 1986 F250 diesel last week.  Sara and I were on our way to a roadkill deer for the foodbank when without touching the brakes, the rear drivers side tire locked up going about 45 a mile from the house.  It freed up, and we nursed it back to the house.  We took the Yukon and got the deer. Later, I pulled the wheels and hubs and saw that there was no brake issue.  I cleaned up the brakes, then jacked up the rear under the pumpkin and started the truck and put it in gear.  The drivers side was definitely wobly.  I took the truck to one of our mechanics my nursing it at idle the mile and a half to the shop with Sara tailing me.  I typed instructions that I thought it was just the bearing and if was more than that to call me.  Well, it was more than that.  The mechanic made what he called a “temporary fix” instead of calling me right away.   With the $500 bill paid, I drove it away and it clunked about as bad as when I took it in. My mechanic is as honest as they come and I’m not disappointed.  He did the best he could. If he’d have called and said your rear end is shot, I could have paid him for work done to that point and had a wrecker take it to the junkyard, and not much would have been saved. When I got home, I replaced the excellent tires with the old ones – two of which were not so good but 2 in nice shape.  Then took off the topper. Then put it on Craigslist for free.  Two kids working the zipline called within 30 minutes, came by and took it for a test drive, and said they’d take it.   I should be able to sell the tires and topper for close to the mechanic bill and know I won’t remember any of it a week for now and will just have more room in the driveway and one less vehicle to worry about.   Haven’t been without a truck for about 30 years I’d guess.  Gonna try to buy a trailer to use for firewood and dump runs and use the Yukon to haul the boat and the trailer.  We’ll see how that goes.  

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