Crabbing lesson

Sara’s sister was in town to see Sara get sworn in to the legislature.  I told her that my new dungy crab pot was fishing well, but the old one of the same design was not.  She said try putting some pop cans in the pot.  When I pulled the pots yesterday, there were 7 in the new pot and 1 in the old pot, and they were fishing right next to each other.  I rebaited both, and put pop cans in the old pot.  I picked all the crab at the cabin.  When I left to return to town today, after only soaking for less than a day, there were 2 crab in the new pot and 3 in the old pot.  Like trolling, there may be some electric field issue as the pots are made of stainless wire and steel rebar.  Always something new to learn in the woods and on the water.

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