Juneau Paradise

Late winter paradise here in Juneau. And mostly just us locals here to enjoy it, along with legislative staffers. Temperature down to the 20’s or lower overnight, then in the high 30’s during the day, with blue skies and sun and increasing day length.  The Juneau Nordic Ski Club groomers have set a 10 kilometer track around Mendenhall Lake, plus grooming the adjoining Mendenhall campground, for a total ski of some 6 to 7 miles. The cross country skiing is glorious. After skiing the campground and busting out onto the lake, you see  the Mendenhall Glacier in the distance. As you approach the half way point of the loop, you can also hear the Nugget Falls that you can see in the distance. The first day I skied it all I really felt the ski distance.  Today it felt like I was skiing downhill all day with little effort and perfect weather. We’ll see how many more days it can last.

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