Snaggin’ with Andrew

Andrew fishes most nights now, and I thought it was time to go along.  He catches fish from the beach along Gastineau channel, by snagging, which is legal.
We went to the pond at Fish Creek and Andrew led the way to his favorite spot – where the pond feeds into Fish Creek.  We casted for awhile, and had no luck, nor saw anyone catch anything.  There was evidence of fish entrails all around the pond that were either left there by fishers or pulled out by eagles, a dozen of which surrounded the pond, swooping back and forth.
I saw fish rolling at the end of the pond towards the other side.  I wore waders, and so I walked across the outlet of the pond to the point opposite Andrew, and cast out to where the fish were rolling.  This spot would also be reachable by walking all the way around the pond, but it would be a hike.  Clearly, people fished from the site as there were some fish entrails there.  
I had an extra large snagging hook and could cast 2/3 of the way across.   I cast and cast, but no luck.  I took a break and sat on a crooked tree and watched the water go by and the eagles fly.
Andrew was getting discouraged and yelled across that we could go at any time.   “One more cast” I said, and I let it fly.  
I felt a bump with a fish – my first of the night – but I didn’t connect.  I cast again, and about the third pull, the rod bent over and I knew I had one.  I quickly loosened the drag and tested it so the fish could take line as needed.  I worked the fish to the beach and conked it with my gaff.  The fish had another snag hook and wire leader it in.  Score number 1.  As I pulled the plastic jar out of my pack, my pack moved, and there in the gravel was a knife in a sheath!  Score number 2.   I got out my stringer, broke a gill, and put the fish in the stream to bleed.  The next cast I had another one on, but lost it.  The next cast, I got another one on, and this one was a bigger fish.  I finally landed it, and it was about a 20 lb fish, and ended up being a white king.  Another cast or two, and I had another one on and lost it.  The last fish I got on I landed, and it was a smaller one like the first.  
Three fish in about 20 minutes, and the only one catching around the pond.  And my first time fishing there.  
The no see ums were now in full mob mode, and the school moved.  It was also getting dark at about 10 pm.  I cleaned the three fish, and carried them across the outlet and put them in Andrew’s bucket for him to take home.  We already have all the king salmon we need for awhile after our trip to Craig.  And I was already ahead with the snagging hook, wire leader, and knife I’d found.
Andrew was beside himself with taking me to his spot and me having good luck.  

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