Cooking with raw Sea Asparagus

Versatile Sea Asparagus

Sara and her friends in Craig picked sea asparagus in the early summer and gave about all they picked to her. Some people say to soak it first to get some of the overt saltiness from it, but I just sort of packed it down in a 4 cup measuring cup as my uniform volume for preserving it, and then this amount in a vac pack bag, and froze it. Although most recipes I see are to pickle sea asparagus, I’ve been finding great ways to use the plant fresh frozen raw, and embrace its saltiness.

The first try was to use it in my bagels. I followed a standard bagel recipe, and added sea asparagus finely chopped in the food processor to the dough. The sea asparagus gave a neat appearance, sprinkled throughout the bagel, and the sharp saltiness was perfect in a bagel.

Today, I used it to make venison sausage, as I wanted to experiment with sea asparagus and rhubarb – two plants I have in abundance in the freezer- with meat I have in abundance – deer burger.

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