Late spring greens

Laura and I went to our spot at Eaglecrest looking for nettles and late fiddleheads.  It was a glorious day today of sun and temp in the 60’s.  We made it across the log that crosses the creek, and took our time threading our way up through the devils club.  We followed a dry creekbed uphill as these usually hold nettles.  We soon found lots of young nettles plants.  Most of the ferns had unfurled from their fiddlehead stage, but we still found some fiddleheads emerging.  This was the latest we’d ever looked up here I think, and we noted that maybe in the past when we thought there were no nettles in a spot that maybe they just hadn’t come up yet.  We also found what we thought maybe currants amidst the devils club and salmon berry bushes, so I may have to look later in the summer to see.  Supposed to rain hard starting tonight so glad we got out today.

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