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Back to the good.
We had to call off the scout boat trip to an island cabin because the weather is just too marginal, so we’re going to camp at a local camp ground.  And we’re gonna get wet.  Again.  Real wet.
There was a lull between lows and I already had the boat hooked up to the truck from when I drove out the road today to check on the weather, so I ran down the road to the boat launch and headed to a spot in sight of the ramp.   I caught a small coho in the first 15 minutes and thought – I’m in to them.  Then the wind slowly rebounded as forecast, and I didn’t get another strike for an hour.  Porpoises were slashing around me.  They didn’t look like Dall’s porpoise, but were the color of harbor porpoises.  Only they looked a little big for harbor porpoises, so not sure what they were.  I pulled up the line once and the flasher and hootchie were gone and I wondered if one of the porpoises cut it.
I put on new gear as the wind continued to increase.  I got a larger bright coho on this time.  When I got it to the surface there were other big coho with it.  I thought.  Now I’m really into them.  When I conked the fish with the gaff, I knocked it off the leader.  As it floated away, I gaffed it right in the middle of the body and brought it aboard.  I staggered in the chop to got more new gear on, but thought- I can’t fish too well in this wind, so I turned toward the dock and fished into the cove til I was out of the wind.  Then I cleaned the fish and pulled my gear in.  Fish for dinner tonight, and some for the freezer.   Felt good to be fishing.  Like it almost always does.

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