Winter Tales

Went skiing today.  Saw a whale in Fritz Cove on the way there.  On the trail, I saw deer tracks, marten tracks that wandered around on one side of the trail disappeared through a culvert under the trail, and reappeared again on the other end of the culvert.  I also saw mouse tracks  near the trail, at the end of which was the mouse, apparently dead in the snow.  Could not see other tracks of anything that would have killed it.   While skiing back to the road, a friend from my former work place skied up towing a small sled, with some extra clothes and a cased rifle strapped in.  He said he was going to the end  of the trail, then drop down for a 10 minute walk to the beach to see if he might see any deer.   He said he’d gone to the same spot recently and camped over night in the snow, and had a pair of wolves walk 20 yards away from him during the night.   Tomorrow is our last day of deer season.

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