Tenakee and Back

Another trip to Tenakee today with Larry. Our passengers were a long time Bristol Bay fisherman who Sara floated the Colorado River with back in the 1990s, and a long time Juneau elder with lots of stories. As usual, it was lumpy going down with our load, but not so bad coming home.

We offloaded our passengers and freight in short order in Tenakee, and it was just Larry and I on the ride home. When we got around Pt Retreat and headed to Stephens Passage, we saw whales had returned to Juneau. There was one off the southwest side of Shelter Island, then two in Stephens Passage across from Pt Hilda, and as we rounded Marmion Island to Juneau, a whale was heading towards us down Gastineau Channel.

The weather on the west side of Douglas was patches of blue sky and sun. As we headed down the channel, we met sleet squalls. Douglas Island sure can funnel the weather right over downtown Juneau.

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