Sunday with the Baobobs

We had today off.  I worked on my workshop slides.  And napped during the heat of the day. Had an “American” breakfast in our hotel. Omellete, half a loaf of french bread, mango jam, honey, butter, yogurt, a big cup of fruit, milk, cereal and a croissant.  And coffee. It’s a meal for at least two. Now I know.
We went to the Avenue of the Baobob trees out from town a ways. The trees are incredible and look so out of place.  People along the dusty road live in mud houses with thatch roofs. People here look healthy, but myett goodness, how to scratch out a living on the arid climate in this part of the country.  The fishermen we are working with don’t have it much better. It’s somewhat surreal to be putting together talks to help them get more money for their fish when it’s pointless if there’s no fish.  Hopefully the fish will show up.

Boabob trees against a blue sky

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