Cooking Salmon from the freezer

My little sister said she has a hard time making salmon from the freezer so it’s not dry.

This is a simple, can’t miss recipe of only a few ingredients.

Saute a yellow or red onion and some sweet peppers in olive oil until soft.

Pour in half a can to a can of coconut milk, depending on how much salmon you have and how much coconut milk you like.  I was cooking 2 medium small tail fillets, and used half a Costco can of coconut milk.

Take the skin off the salmon, then put the salmon fillet pieces on top of the coconut milk, onions and peppers.

Bring to a simmer until the salmon is done.

Serve over rice or potatoes or not.

Unless you forget this on the stove and somehow cook the coconut milk liquid all the way off, it’s impossible for the salmon not to come out moist and, well, perfect.

The photo shows the salmon just after the liquid started to simmer and it’s starting to cook around the edges.

Maybe 3 to 5 minutes later, it was done.   Add a little salt to taste if you like.

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