Fit for Human Consumption

Spent 1030 am to 530 pm butchering the 200 lbs of moose meat I picked up from Alaska Air Cargo. The meat has nice and cool and in great shape.

I dropped off some meat to Chris and the fish plant, and we talked for awhile about this coming summer’s sale plans.

I took 50+ lbs of frozen moose meat from last year to the Sierra Leoneons as I know it will get used up soon. When I put it in their freezer, I was even happier, as they were low on fish and game. There weren’t very many salmon to be had from the beach last summer, and the 2 bears I sent up from Craig were gone, too. I felt even better when I left.  I talked with Sam and Dorothy about school. Dorothy is growing fast.

When I got home, I texted several friends to come get some meat, and got to processing. I sent meat with Sara to work for her staff and Colette.

For jobs like this, it’s all about getting started, I think. Once I got going, it was easy to keep going. Lots to be thankful for, and one is not taking another moose!  Part of one is plenty enough.

Friends stopped by during the day, and I told them the story of the trip to Bethel. Naomi stopped by, and brought with her berries and cherries for us. Bob stopped by. Then Max, who relived his catching a 20 lb king off the beach when fishing for dollies, and then the pain in having to release it since the season is closed!  The Ukranians stopped by, excited to try something new, and asked how to cook it. Keith stopped by just as I finished with the butchering, and we got caught up on the scout troop and my old work place. When I ran to the valley to pay for the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Glory Hall, my friend Mariya was there, and I gave her some moose, too. Finally, the eldest child from next door came by, and got me caught up on her joining all kinds of dance groups in town. I told her to be sure to hit us up for money when they are fund raising.

I took out some fresh moose, and sliced it into pieces. I put them in some hot olive oil, then salt, pepper and garlic powder. While they were frying, I got out some greens from our CSA, and cut it up for a salad. I put some salad left overs from Sara’s dinner container from some function I was lucky not to have had to attend last night. I turned over the pieces of moose, and turned off the heat so to just brown the other side and leave the moose rare in the middle. I let the moose rest a few minutes while I put a dressing I made from some home made blueberry salsa, mayo, mustard, olive oil and vinegar. I put the moose on the salad, and ate in satisfaction after a day of processing.

That was yesterday. Today is vac packing, burger grinding, and more vac packing day. First thing this morning, I took 50 lbs of burger meat and 5 pounds of organic pork fat to Jerry’s meats for them to make us brauts, louisiana hot links, and summer sausage. I took some meat to Scott, the owner, for himself, and dropped off more meat to Jeffy at Dick’s. Sara took in some meat to Maridon.

The moose meat looks so good, as it was butchered in the snow in the winter, so never gets much of a chance to get dirty or warm.

Now to the finish with packaging and on to readying for a boat trip to Craig.

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