Wood pile 2023

Time to replenish the wood we burned this winter. I waded up through the lush behind our garage to see trees and logs were down above the garage. I forgot about all the wood there from taking down the dangerous trees last year. I can’t fathom how I moved these logs to where they are, but I did somehow. Now to get them down to the driveway to buck up.

I used the truck and, depending on how far away the log was, I used either a short piece of chain and tow strap combo, or a length of blue line I bought over the winter for tie up lines for the tug when the temperature is below freezing, to pull them down to the driveway. I yarded out the logs, then started bucking them up.

I used the saw my dad bought for me – a Stihl 028 – when I drove to Alaska for the first time in 1983, until the bar seized up. I tried finding a bar in town, but no luck. So I got out the 041 I bought from Ron when he left town to finish most of the cutting. Should be plenty of wood to fill the shed.

Now I can split the rounds as I have the stamina to do so, and fill the shed little by little. Good to get some good exercise after so much time on the boat.

Got to splitting today. I think, along with cross country skiing, my favorite exercise. I’m not all that excited about bucking up the wood with the chainsaw. But splitting?  I like it. And satisfying to see the wood split, and the split wood start to pile up. I split til I’m dog tired, but try not to go past the point I’ll be very sore the next day. Plenty of time to pick away at it, and we won’t burn this wood for 3 more years.

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