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Lion of March

March coming in like a lion.  Saw a big avalanche come down towards Thane today.  It was a “controlled” avalanche where they shot a howizter cannon from across the channel to make it go, but it was a dandy.   Sara said we were out of burger so we got out all the scraps I saved for burger from the fall deer hunts.  I defrost them until I can just barely cut through them with a knife.  Then take the pieces and through the grinder they go.   I packed the burger in bags and Sara vac packed and labeled.  We put about 30 lbs of packages in the freezer.   Not supposed to get above freezing for at least week now, so we should have snow till April for skiing.

Brush with Greatness

I arrived in Fairbanks in August 1983.  I had come to attend the University of Alaska, Fairbanks with 2 classmates from SUNY Cobleskill, along with a 3rd friend who came up to work.  One classmate (Scott) and the worker (Ozzie) grew up over the hill from me in Cuba.  The other classmate (Bob) grew up… Continue Reading


I went over to the cabin on Friday. Hauled over washed sheets and other items on the list from our New Years Day trip. I also had 5 gallons of drinking water, so had to make two trips walking in to the cabin. When I came back for the water, as I started to tie… Continue Reading