Day 4 in Iceland – Rekyavik

Touring the capital today. Went to the fishing docks
first and looked over the trawlers and a few smaller
boats that I didn´t know if were commercial or charter
boats. Then found my way to a greasy spoon on a side
street on the wharf. It was smoke filled with
everyone drinking coffee, so it looked a fisherman´s
coffee klatch to me. They looked like they were
talking about fish and politics. None of them had
boots on, and with all the boats in town and the
harbor pretty full I surmised it´s off time for them
and they are in there by force of habit.

Snowing and blowing hard now. I went into a store and
spent a cool 4,000 kroners on my wife and friends.
Good thing is, it sounds like alot, but I don´t even
know how much it is!

I went to the maritime museum along the wharf as well.
Nice display, and always fun to see that fishing is
pretty much the same anywhere you go.

I also went to a sportsmans shop. Looks like salmon
fishing and duck hunting and pull-behind campers are
the primary outdoors activities. Saw some cool
campers, and would be a great way to spend tooling
around Iceland in the summer. I also thought how nice
it would be not to have to worry about bears or snakes
or anything else – I think you could sleep in a tent
with no worries except for maybe mosquitoes.

The service here is definitely of a different tone
than it was up country. Many of the clerks, etc. are
pretty cranky, even when they´re trying to sell you
something. I must say the two ladies who were
volunteering in the store I bought the gifts at (it
donates proceeds to charity) were delightful.

We leave tomorrow. Hope to hit the blue lagoon hot
springs for a ‘swim’ as they call it here on the way
to the international airport and back to Boston.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
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