Iceland Day 3

Took the bus from Akureyi to Rekyavik today, a 6 hour
ride of which I probably slept for 3 hrs. Narrow
roads wind through the mountain valleys. There were
the famous Iceland horses on farms all along the road.
Each farm seems to consist of a fenced in area of
grassland, with horses on it. I also saw a few cattle
and sheep, but horses seem to be everything unless I
missed something like hogs that were inside. Houses
are simple and very neat. The simple life.

I asked the bus driver what they did with all the
horses, and I couldn´t understand only making a living
owning horses for riding. He said they also are used
for meat, which made alot more sense for making a
living farming.

Essentially, the bus ride was through horse farm
country about all the way here, and few homes at that.
It´s mostly very low vegetation or no vegetation from
the valley right up to the mountain tops, which are
not far apart, creating a very surreal, rural sense of sightseeing.

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