Pelican, Salmon and Halibut

Hauled fish from Pelican on the ferry. First time trying that, and it worked slick. Pelican has no roads – just a boardwalk – and in all the time I’d spent there, I never noticed a vehicle driving on them, other than bikes and golf cart- type vehicles, but when I asked, I was assured a truck was okay.

Beautiful day over and back. Although raining in Juneau, it was 70 degrees or so and sunny on the outer coast. My friend Joe Emerson was waiting for me when I arrived. He and his twin 16 year olds helped me load the fish in totes, and then push them up the dock ramp by hand, and then into the truck with the gate lift. You can sure tell troller’s kids – hard working. The twins were returning with me on the ferry as school was starting 2 days later. They asked on the way home if I needed help weighing the fish in Juneau, and I said sure! It’s a tedious, somewhat back breaking job doing it alone, and I really appreciated the help. When I told their dad the next day, he sounded a little surprised and proud, so I could tell he hadn’t told them to help me – they did it on their own.

Trip back to Juneau was like the trip out – sunny on the coast and rain by Juneau.

I delivered my fish in town on Tuesday, and to some of my sister’s customers in Pittsburgh. We’re trying to get more people to buy whole, dressed fish, so they can enjoy it fresh. Many are daunted in having to deal with a whole fish, even though the innards and gills are removed.

So, I decided to do a little video to show how easy it is. My neighbor, Lucas, is a big snow boarder (17 or 18 yrs old), and he and his buddies put together a professional video under their “company” name “Bad Larry Productions”. So, I hired him to come over with his high end digital camera to film my demo so we can post in on the website. I was duly impressed with his expertise in setting up the camera. He then started asking about how to edit the film with intros, text, etc., to which I had no clue as to what to do, and so he’ll do what he thinks works best – should be great.

Went halibut fishing in our “big” boat yesterday with my buddy Ron and his 2nd or 3rd cousin (13 yrs old). Went down near Snettisham south of town. We got a nice 50 lber right off, and then a 15 lber mid day. A beautiful day – calm and warm – and we saw some orca whales near Grand Island on the way home.

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