Perfect Visit

My dad’s only sister came up to see us somewhat on the
spur of the moment this past week. So, with virtually
no preplanning, we all just winged it. When she
arrived, we had dinner with our friends who live in
Cairo, Nevette Bowen and her husband Peter Kenyon. I
rarely eat out, so it was a nice outing to the Douglas
Island Pub and a chance for her to meet many of our
friends at once. Later on that evening, we went to
another group of friends for birthday cake.

The next day, she and Sara went to watch our neice
play volleyball for much of the day.

On day 3, she and I went fishing. Coho fishing has
been slow and spotty this year near Juneau. We got a
sunny, calm day, so we ran up to Hand Trollers cove.
After about an hour with no action, we got into the
fish. We caught 4 coho, a pink and a chum over the
next few hours. Humpback whales, which we’d seen at a
distance, moved right in near our skiff. We left for
our cabin. On the way, I spotted a pod of orcas, so
we had those go right by the boat, and one jumped a
couple times, too. We pulled the crab pot at the
cabin, and we had salmon and crab for dinner.

The next day, my aunt walked around Horse Island while
I cut firewood. She saw a doe and yearling on the
walk. We had spaghetti with moose sauce that evening
at the cabin.

The next day was sunny for the ride home.

The next day, she took a kayak trip with our dentist’s
daughter’s guide service, where she saw eagles and sea

The next day, she walked from the house into town,
went to the museum, up the tram to the top of Mt.
Roberts, then back down and walked back to the house.

Yesterday, she took a vehicle as both Sara and I were
at work. I gave her directions to the glacier and the
hatchery. She lucked out and saw the sow bear with
cubs at the glacier area, and then hiked up to the
water fall near the glacier. So, eagles, bears,
deer, kayaking, good fishing, good weather, good food,
museums, and lots of walking.

I put her on the plane early this morning, exhausted
and happy! Not sure you could experience a better
week than that for any price!.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
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Juneau, AK 99801

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