Santa and Seafood

We ate dinner at our friend’s the Campbells tonight.
They feed us regularly. There were about 14 there
tonight. One a 12 year old, a high school sophomore
and freshman, two college juniors, a middle-20
something, and the rest of us.

We were to bring the hore-dervs, and so naturally
brought king salmon lox, hot smoked coho and sockeye,
canned smoked salmon dip, king crab dip, and king crab
stuffed mushrooms. Everyone, including the kids,
started taking the salmon and lox and putting it on
crackers as soon as we set it on the table, with the
king crab next. The only item anyone hesitated for
was the smoked salmon dip, which had a brownish color
from the mixings. A few asked what it was, and after
hearing, dug right in. This crew was from Juneau, and
knew it’s seafood – young to old.

Whenever I’ve taken salmon elsewhere – be it smoked
salmon or salmon off the grill – everyone is tentative
“trying it” to see if they’ll like it. Not unlike
people trying deer or elk who are used to McDonalds
hamburgers. Lox, in particular, seems to be an
acquired or inherited taste. The kids at the table
ate it up, knowing it’s best on a cracker with perhaps
some creme cheese, whereas those unfamiliar with it
may eat it alone and not like it.

I’m not sure why I noticed this tonight, but glad I
did. It’s nice to have family around when your own
family is far away.

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Wild Salmon and Salmon Pet Treats
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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