We went to Badami to do oil spill training with a skimmer yesterday. Badami is about 35 miles to the east of here, and my first trip in that direction.

After training, we were invited up to their mess hall to eat. What a beautiful place. The mile or two drive from the beach to the camp (part of the road also serves as a runway) was through beautiful green fields slightly higher in elevation than the lowlands around Deadhorse. The green fields reminded me of Iceland or something you’d see from Ireland. Again, it’s like driving through a game park or farm here. Caribou were on either side (or in) the road. Swans with fuzzy goslings. And new fox pups, which the Badami folks said were using the drain pipes under the road for a den, and which had been feasting on a swan their parents apparently killed for them.

Only about 20 people are at Badami now, as it’s a drill site apparently in what was called “warm storage”. Word is that the camp will see new drilling this winter, and balloon to 80 to 100 workers.

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