First deer hunt of the season

Back to Juneau and good weather here. Sara and I went to our cabin, which Sara only seems to reach once per year. I fished one day and caught no cohos. The next day, I wanted to climb the ridge on Admiralty across from Horse Island to find a blacktail deer buck, but the clouds were sitting right on the top, so I wouldn’t be able to see anything. So, I climbed to the base of the ridge. I called a doe about half way up. The deer’s summer coats are so bright it looked like it was painted florescent orange.

I picked berries when I got back to the cabin. The blueberries were absolutely loaded with worms. I guess from all the wet weather. After I picked a container full, I dumped them in a bowl to pick the leaves and stems. There were so many worms burrowing out of the berries I put them on the outside table for the birds. Later, I thought maybe there was some salvaging to the berries, so I went through them one by one, and flicked off any worms. When I was almost done, I looked into the bowl, there were more worms than when I started! More had burrowed their way out. So I left them for the birds. I have find out what critter it is that lays it’s eggs for their larvae to eat my blueberries.

Back in town, it’s all busy with fish order packing and arranging. As always, nothing but work here!

Mark Stopha and Sara Hannan
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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