Musk Ox

We went to a barrier island near Prudhoe Bay today to anchor down a connex so it could not be floated by storm or ice flow. We went in a hover craft – my first such trip in this craft. It was kind of like the sensation of flying in a heliocopter, without the noise. The craft lifts slightly off the ground with a big propeller in the back – like an airboat has – and then moves along on a cushion of air. You can go from the sea over a sand bar and back in the sea with no problem.

We saw a group of cow and calf musk ox on the way to the trailer site. At the trailer, we saw hoof prints of recent musk ox presence. They looked like a cross between a moose and a caribou. There was some very fresh scat there, too. It looked very much like deer scat, only larger, of course.

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