what a day. Temperatures are down in the 30’s during the day now, but still – it’s sunny and dry. I’ve decided 10 or 20 degrees colder and dry is better than wet.

We left to do training at Ooguruk Island, the Pioneer oil rig, in the afternoon. Saw a big polar bear in the distance on a barrier island. They are big creatures, even at a distance.

We arrived at the rig, and within a few minutes of getting the boat moved ashore, we sucked up a “super sack” sand bag. That ended festivities for the day running the boat. We went ashore, instead, to help with shore training activities. A call came in that a bear was swimming our way, and not long later, the security person on the island showed up toting a shot gun. We never did see that bear.

After we were done with training, we went up for a quick dinner before heading home. It was going to be a long run on only one engine. And what a dinner it was. Huge shrimp, prime rib cut to order, and king crab. Dessert was homemade banana bread and some pastries. It was a sad day that I did not have any room left for a Dreyer’s ice creme cone from the soft-serve machine.

The way home took more than twice as long as normal. We shared captain duties on the way home, and it was a bit hairy boating through a pass with a snow squall at night on only one engine. We touched bottom a few times,
but made it through.

Sunsets now are just incredible. Almost a harbinger of the closing of the short summer and the start of the long winter.

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