A good blow

Tonight is my first taste of a tundra semi-blizzard here north of the Brooks Range. It’s a few degrees below zero, and the wind is smoking about 30 mph. Even throwing my fat butt around a little when I was walking around the drill rig. I can’t tell if it’s snowing, or just snow being swept of the ground, but the snow is drifting fast here.

I also found a documentary by an Anna Farrell about my home county in NY state (Allegany) including my hometown of Bolivar. I couldn’t download the teaser because of slow internet out here, but will when I get home in a few days. The movie-maker was from our area as well. It’s called Twelve Ways to Sunday, and there’s some info on it at www.twelvewaystosunday.com. The couple from Bolivar in the film are the parents of two high school classmates.

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