Saving Private Ryan, the middle class taxpayer

Now the president has changed his speech from “creating 3.5 million new jobs” to “creating or saving 3.5 million new jobs”. This makes for an easy out. It’s pretty easy to prove job creation – but job salvation? Hard to prove that. So, if the stimulus plan doesn’t work, they will still use the old adage “well, it would have been even worse if we hadn’t spent the money”.

I also see that people like my wife and I in the middle class will get a tax cut of $800. How much freakin’ money did the executives get in bonuses with the $350 million that Congress (O’bama and McCain included) approved of president Bush’s bank bailout plan? I’m guessing they spent $800 on bottled water at the resorts they went to after the bailout.

I do hope this stimulus plan works, but I’m already seeing that it will be hard to measure when the new administration starts changing things from “create” to “create or save”.

Mark Stopha
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