Kings, whales and Ken Dryden

Fishing was slow again this week. We fished a 24 hour opener, and only caught one fish the first day. On day 2, as the noon closure came near, the fishing picked up and we got a dozen or so. The fishery was then extended 24 hours, but the captain had to get in for family affairs. So, we bought fish from one of our fisherman. We tied the two boats together, and passed fish across. As we did so, a medium sized humpback porpoised again and again, swimming all around the boats, within 30 yards at times. Quite a sight.

Perhaps the biggest revelation was from my quasi-fishing partner, who I’ve known now for a couple years. We were talking about his granddaughter and daughter in law being in town. I knew his son was a doctor back east, and asked where his wife was from. He said “Toronto”, then said – didn’t I ever tell you her dad is Ken Dryden? My jaw dropped. He knew I knew, having grown up in the north east, who Ken freakin’ Dryden is. Funny thing is, his son didn’t when he met his daughter! I told my fishing partner I was headed to Toronto in August, and was going to call Ken and say I fished with his son in law’s dad, and could he lend me his truck for the day so I could go shopping…

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