My Friend, Global Warming

Been a fan freakin’ tastic spate of weather both here on the Arctic Ocean and in Juneau. Juneau has seen numerous days in the 80’s this year, and it’s been in the 50’s here at West Dock on Prudhoe Bay. If summers get 10 degrees warmer up here on the Arctic, I could see more people moving here, if for nothing else to view wildlife. I saw the biggest caribou bull I’d ever seen in person today running between structures at the Oliktock oil production facility today. Looked like the caribou were being harried by bugs, although there were none out on the water where we were.

Fished likely my last opening of the season with Len while in Juneau last Sun-Tue. We had nice overcast weather with no rain. Temp didn’t get up to the 80’s till the clouds left. Luckily, I did too for my job up north. 80 is way to hot for me in Juneau.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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