Saw first polar bears of the season. An adult one night that was just lounging around on the warm gravel. Security encouraged it to go back in the water and out to one of the barrier islands. It lumbered down to the waters edge, and looked as if it was not happy jumping back into the cold Arctic Ocean a few hundred yards from our boat. When it was in the water, I could see a seagull about 10 yards out from it, but not the bear. They really don’t have much more than their nose above water, and I could see one easily surprising us if we were working on the beach near the shore line. The next day I saw a sow and cub on Stump Island as we returned to station.

If you see a rocker rocking back and forth with no one in it, it may be our governor. Seems like she may have lost it altogether. Still calling the now president names about his policy and health care plan. If she had a better plan (or any plan) she might be VP right now. Glad our state can finally get back to our own business.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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