The sow polar bear with two young cubs is now right below a nearby bridge. She moved to the other side of the gravel causeway when the wind switched. The polar bears hunker down in a depression, or they did them out (I’m not sure which) and could easily surprise a person if they didn’t know they were there. A security person is on watch of the bears 24 hours a day. They don’t bother the bears unless the bears wander somewhere that could cause a problem with people, and if that happens, they may make noise, etc. to get them to move on. This sow seems more at ease everyday with people and traffic, and I suspect she’ll stick around until she gets hungry and has to go hunting.

We also went and picked up a German woman from a cruise ship today (cruise ship name “Bremen”). She may have an appendicitis. We pulled up along the small cruiseship, and she stepped over to our boat, where medics interviewed her on the way home to see how she was. When I got home, I saw the AP had already covered the story in the papers/news. As we pulled away, I wasn’t aware till I looked up that much of the passenger population was out on the upper decks watching us. As we waved goodbye to them, the ship bade us farewell with two long blasts. Apparently, these ships traverse the Arctic Ocean from east to west, but I haven’t checked out their actual voyage route yet.

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