Went to our cabin again last evening. Fished for an hour by George’s Rock, and when I was pulling up my downrigger to leave after no coho, a coho hit the green hootchie on the way up. A sucker pass as we called it trolling. I landed the fish, stunned it with the back of the gaff, broke a gill to bleed it, put it on the stringer in the water tied-off to the skiff, and kept fishing for another 1/2 hour with no more fish. I brought the fish on board and laid it on the ice bags in the ice chest. Off to the cabin and blissful sleep.

Up at 420 am, I made coffee, put it in the thermos, and headed back to the back side of Douglas Island. I caught a couple fish not long after setting out the gear, and then nothing for the next hour or so. It was pouring rain, and no others fishing here. I started the little stove inside my canvas covering, and warmed up a bit.

I fished north past outer point, then headed south again angling first 45 degrees towards shore till I got into less than 100 feet of water, then back 45 degrees offshore till I reached 200 feet. I switched from lime green to a yellow and red hootchie. I caught a big fish south of Outer Pt., and stayed in the general area, catching 2 more. That made 5 for the morning, and with the one I caught last evening, I had all I was allowed for the day.

I headed back to town to real life again. I gave away all the fish, and Sara and I had a second night of king salmon steaks on the grill from the fish caught yesterday, with salad from the garden. More and more rain. Never seen it so lush as this year. And continuing the best coho fishing I’ve seen here – and it’s still July. I’m not looking forward to leaving for Prudhoe on Thurs, but we’ll be busy and the 2 weeks should be bearable.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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