Legend at the Fish Cannery

I met Ken Dryden today at my fish processor. His daughter and my fish supplier’s son are married, and he was up here with his wife on vacation….to pouring rain for a week, even by Juneau standards. I told him I grew up between Buffalo and Ithaca, and we talked about where I grew up in Bolivar and the time frame. He talked about how Dave Bing was at Syracuse, Bob Lanier at St. Bonaventure, and Calvin Murphy at Niagara during that era, and that all 3 might now be in the hall of fame. Then I talked to him about going up to the Georgian Bay and how much I liked it there in Canada and how Frank Ganette was from my hometown and he knew of him since he went to college at Cornell (and his wife is from Ithaca). He then said he’d just been through Olean, and stayed there on his way down to Pittsburgh and back…actually it was Cuba he stayed – I told him that was right over the hill from Bolivar. Pretty dry conversation for talking to a hall of fame hockey
player, but Alaska does that to you.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801

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