1 for 5

We went hunting on Admiralty on what turned out to be one in 5 decent days. In the 40’s and beautiful weather, really. We saw quite a bit of sign but no deer. Most of the leaves are down now on the blueberry bushes and nearly all on the devil’s club, so much easier to see.

I’d patched the little plastic punt I use to put the skiff out deep enough so it’s not dry on low tide. I’d patched it, but the patching all fell off. I rowed in from the skiff, and hard to believe I didn’t just sink, as I could barely pull the boat up the beach. I finally found some dope that works on plastic, and patched the boat on Sunday, finishing today. We were gonna hunt on Sunday, but it was pouring rain and windy and with only one deer so far this year, we found it easy not to go.

Mark Stopha
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