Saw one

I went back of Douglas Island today. Not much sign down low, but there was some scat and tracks up along the side hill at the base of the virtual cliff that goes straight up for maybe a thousand feet.

I did the usual move and call. On one spot, I called once or twice, and a doe had come up towards me to within 20 yards, but I never saw her. The only time I did see her was when she jumped sideways and across the trail then back downhill. I tried calling her back but she never came back. Guess I should have stood up and tried to see if I could get a shot at her moving away. I was thinking right after the point she came up to that I couldn’t see was right where I would have put my usual hunting partner Matt, down hill about 20 yards and looking off to where I couldn’t see.

Didn’t see anything else. It was flat calm on the way out and the way back. I could hardly believe it after the wind last night. Looked like quite a few fresh trees blown down in the woods today. There was no one in the launch parking lot yesterday afternoon nor this morning, and only one there when I got back. Forecast may have scared folks off.

What a great day in the woods. No wind. Rained some, but in the big woods it all doesn’t get to the forest floor. Leaves and devils club leaves are down now, and good visibility. I didn’t see any buck rubs, so don’t think they are in the country just yet. But shouldn’t be long.

When I got to the beach, there were two big sea lions growling off shore. Not at my, it’s just what they do. Huge tides today, and I came out right at high tide – a 20+ footer. When I came around false Outer Pt where the road is, a humpback whale was crusing and looked like someone up in the parking lot was getting a show.

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