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Finally got a few marten sets out today, and tried my first otter set. Only vehicle at the boat ramp. After all the cold and wind, it warmed up and dumped 8 inches of snow. The winds laid down mid-morning, so I headed out. I spent my first 2 seasons trapping this shoreline, and knew exactly where I caught all my fur, since I caught a total of 5 marten and 1 mink. I set at the sites I’d got marten, starting with the one where I got tided last year. The tide was flooding as I got over to the shoreline, so I wanted to be safe and set this one first since it’s a shallow shore and the sets are out of sight of the boat.

The wind wasn’t too bad, but it was blowing right on shore. So, I only found 3 places I could safely put the boat and it wouldn’t go dry in a short while. After I made the first set, the tide turned, so I had to be extra careful.

I decided to set 3 newspaper tube/120 conibear setups at each site, since I knew these places would catch marten. I was able to set 2 of the 3 places I’d caught marten before, but could not set the third place because of the wind and tide. I set a new place, so we’ll see how we do. I will put out more if the wind is right when I check these.

A poor Marine from Juneau lost 3 limbs and had a head injury earlier this week in his second tour in Afghanistan. God help this country. The current president and all the front running Republicans are all about more military and waring. Only Ron Paul speaks about changing our foreign policy, and his voting against Martin Luther King day is in his past. How can a country that supposedly prides itself on “Christian” values keep killing and killing others and our own kids. And for what? People are more worried about their download speed than they are foreign policy – I think most forget we’re even still fighting. The media only talks about what the candidates say about each other or the president – even NPR doesn’t report on actual issues, just what dirt one candidate has brought up on the other. Pretty sad.

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