Not many things nastier than mink musk glands. Seems I can’t skin one without damaging or otherwise releasing that nasty odor. Thank God our niece gave us a plug in scent thing for Christmas or Sara would evict me for good cause. I did learn how to flesh a mink tonight, after, of course, looking it up on the internet. I am drying the mink in our cold air, though, as that stink is too much for even the scentenator. All the fur caught so far – 13 marten and 2 mink – are now skinned and boarded. I took the furs I’d done so far to the office to have Bob, who trapped up north for over a decade, to critique, and his response was overwhelmingly positive – so I hope to get good value for what I sell and appear to be doing it properly. He did say I could use a little skinnier stretching boards to get some more length on my furs, so always something to learn.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
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