It is cold in Juneau town. Right around zero, and some north wind. Skinned 3 more marten, and boarded those and one left from the night before. Used a propane Mr. Heater in the garage for heat and that was tolerable. 2 mink and a marten left to do.

Got up to pee at 4 am and we forgot to leave the water running so the pipes froze. Found a little space heater and extension cord to put next to the water line under the house as we always had. When I opened the access door, there was another heater left there from earlier pipe freezes. So just plugged it in. Took 3 hours to unfreeze but it let go about 7. Then off to work.

Mark Stopha
Alaska Wild Salmon Company
4455 N. Douglas Hwy
Juneau, AK 99801