Set a mooring anchor on Sat with Kurt. I used an old bell-shaped piece of concrete that had been a foundation poured around an old fence post I pulled out years ago. I’ve been hitting my leg on in most any night I went by it on my way to steps to the upstairs of our garage where the freezer is. Kurt helped me take it over to Horse Is on Sat, and then we fished for awhile, and I dropped him back on Douglas.

I went back over and started picking blueberries. For whatever reason, the combination of a dry, cool April and then a cold wet May and June made for a bumper crop. I picked for a few hours Sat, then did some reading. I got up at 430 am on Sunday to move the mooring anchor in position at low tide, then attached the pulley for the easy out, so now I can put my boat on the clothes line from the mooring anchor up to two trees and pull the boat out to deeper water when I arrive. While I was down there, the teen age brown bear I’ve seen several times this summer was sauntering down the beach over on the Admiralty shore.

I picked berries for another 4 hours or so at the cabin, and got about 3 gallons total. The ravens were squawking the whole time somewhere up in the trees or the air in the woods. Not sure why. I fished on the way home for coho salmon, but no luck.

When I got home, Sara helped me clean the berries. The blueberries are full of inchworms, which come out after you pick the berries and/or put the berries in water. We put the berries across a screen on a wood frame, and hosed the inch worms and pine needles through, and then picked any leaves and stems by hand. Hope to put up several cases of jam.

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