Summer Job

One of Sara’s star students, Hanni, and her husband, Jesse, were in town. Hanni grew up here with her 2 brothers. When all the kids graduated and left town, so did the parents. So her brother wanted to have his wedding here to show his bride where he grew up.

A local restaurant, the Silver Bow, was supposed to cater the wedding. Somehow, it didn’t “get on the schedule”, so her brother was now faced with 30 people coming to town and no wedding dinner. Sara and Hanni then sprung into action, and catered the wedding themselves. From the talk after the wedding, it went over great, and the Texas inlaws were very happy. Hanni may have black and blue marks from patting herself on the back for the great job they did. Not only did they do the dinner, Hanni and Jesse did all the flowers, as that’s what Hanni does for a living as a “designer”. These, and many other things you can do for a living in California were the the subjects that Hanni tried to teach me in her week here with us.

We delivered fish to Juneau folks this week and whale watching trips on the weekends. The whale watching gig has got to be the easiest job in the world. How hard is it to find a whale. Not very.

Bara called from Mali today. He calls regularly now since coming to Juneau and the US. I think it may have changed his life. He certainly gained a great understanding of those who come over to work for him now as volunteer consultants.

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