Kenai Trip

went down to the Kenai River with Todd to visit a friend I had not seen for 30 years until I had breakfast with him and his wife on a stop in Juneau on their way to Minnesota via the ferry. He has run Beaver Creek Cabins for a decade and guides fishing out of there as well. We had planned our trip many weeks ago, and despite the flood warnings, we went down as the trip was more about getting together than fishing.

We fished on Sat and did not catch any thing. As it was my first time to the river, it will be interesting to see what it looks like when it’s not at or near flood stage. All the way down and back from Anchorage, the river got nearer the road level as you moved north, upstream, and I could see it wouldn’t take much more for the river to cross the road in places.

Keith and Jane were great hosts, and we had a comfortable cabin. We just watched football on Sunday before driving back to Anchorage. I think they had one more day of guests and then the season would be over. They both looked like they were a bit weary after an every-day-is-a-workday for the past 5 months, and were looking forward to some much deserved down time. I remember feeling the same way after a long stretch trolling – glad to be doing what I was doing, but glad when it was over, too.

We plan to go back down for sockeye fishing next summer.

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